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Ploughmans wall close-up

Residential Services

Our Highly skilled Wallers can design and build a beautiful, functional and structurally sound wall on your property that is sure to become an admired and beloved feature well into the future. 

Inherited an old stoney eyesore?  Call us to help restore it to it's former glory, or  rebuild it into it's full potential

Still looking for ideas?  Visit our gallery for inspiration


Entrance Walls

Your property's first chance to make a good impression!

Retaining Walls

Transform a troublesome sloping area into beautiful defined levels

Garden Walls

Freestanding or combined with retaining walls and features, transform the landscape of your garden.


Customise your preferred stair depth and look, our Dry-Stone Wallers will execute your stairs with absolute precision and stability.

Seats And Features

Even if you don't need a boundary wall, you can still enjoy the look and feel of a Dry-stone feature of your own-or, compliment your Dry Stone Wall with a companion piece!

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