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Feb - Nov

Dates: By demand

Total Duration: 1 day

Any day - 10:00 - 3:00 pm

Once a course has been completed, it is important to be able to practice what you have learnt. Most courses of skill do not allow the time to gain experience and we have found that skills improve quickly with practice.


Practice days allow participants to hone and sharpen the skills they have learned on courses with the support of a qualified instructor.

As such, the Kyneton Dry Stone Walling Centre is offering Practice Days where graduates from a course can book a wall and practice the skills that they have learnt.

Practice days will only take place when at least 2 people wish to attend. Training Walls can be booked on a daily basis and will be available from 9am to 3pm. Support facilities (toilet, coffee/tea, BBQ to cook your own lunch if requested) will be available throughout the day.

Practice days will be limited to 12 persons and will incur a cost of $100 per person per day. Confirmation of practice days will be determined by the availability of instructor.


And, if you are interested to gain formal certification with the Dry Stone Wall Association of the UK then practice is a must!