Kyneton Dry Stone Walling Centre Events
February 2018 Pilot Courses

Over 24/25 February 2018, the Kyneton Dry Stone Walling Centre held a pilot Introductory and Advanced course at Tanderrum Farm. Using a small section of the original heritage wall participants built both a wall section and started a cheekend.  This weekend established the foundation for the establishment of the Kyneton Dry Stone Walling Centre, demonstrating the interest and demand for genuine training in an inspiring historic setting. 


Kyneton Racecourse hosts the Lost Trades Fair annually. This year, the Kyneton Dry Stone Walling Centre set up a Dry Stone Walling demonstration along with an information booth supported by the Dry Stone Wall Association of Australia. Our stand proved to be one of the most popular of the two day fair attracting well over 15,000 Lost Trades enthusiasts. More than 200 people registered their interest in attending Kyneton Dry Stone Walling Centre courses. Our demonstration wall was a big hit. UK Certified Waller (Tracy Cumberbatch) led the demonstration and was interviewed and filmed onsite by Australian Better Homes and Gardens. 

March 2018 - New Training Facility Constructed

It was our view and from feedback that using the stone inplace on the Heritage walls was not ideal for novice wallers to effectively grasp the fundermentals that we were trying to teach. The solution was to construct a purpose built training area for our students.

First we carefully cleared an area within Edward Davies historic site at Tanderrum farm. Next we laid four tip trucks of roadbase to form a solid flat footing for all students. We felt that solid footing was important for a number of reasons and invested heavily in this part of the facility. We then brought in 50 ton of stone that was suitable for instructional purposes and sorted it into different categories. Now we were ready to build and so over a week, with the help of Cameron Rae, Niall Tonagh (both scottish wallers from Skye), Greg Clinic and Josh Henderson we built our training walls for future courses to train on. These walls are considered ideal for students to best grasp the pinciples of walling and get the most out of their learning and we understand the first time such a facility has been built in Australia. 

April 2018 Introductory Course

The Introductory course held at Tanderrum over 28/29 April 2018 was held in beautiful weather. Participants were able to use, for the first time, three x eight meter long training walls. The sandstone walls in the purpose built training area facilitated better training outcomes, student participation and enjoyment. The course was ably lead by a UK Certified Waller. Course feedback was excellent with participants giving generous comments about their great experience over the weekend.  

Better Homes and Gardens Image.jpg

On 21 September, Channel 7 screened Better Homes and Gardens and they featured the Kyneton Lost Trades Fair for 2018. Kyneton Dry Stone Walling Centre was featured and a short segment involving Tracy Cumberbatch while mobbed by onlookers is shown. A replay of the show can be accessed by clicking on the title of this article. Our segment is approximately 34 minutes in. Well done to Tracy on a great interview.