Total Duration: 1 day test

Jan/Feb 2021

We have arranged for a Certification Testing Weekend 6/7 Feb 2021 for people wishing to be tested. Geoff Duggan has confirmed he will be able to conduct the tests. We are already almost sold out so if you are interested in being tested then please email Jim on jim@kdswc.com


The Dry Stone Wall Association of Australia - http://dswaa.org.au/ - has developed a strategy towards certification of Dry Stone Wallers in Australia. They have endorsed the UK Certification Program as the Australian Standard for wallers to reach for professional accreditation. KDSWC only uses instructors certified under this system of accredition and also runs certification training and testing for people who wish to advance to this standard. This page outlines the certification testing weekend for Spring 2019. You can find out more on the UK program by using this link; http://www.dswa.org.uk/craftsman-certification-scheme.asp

The Kyneton Dry Stone Walling Centre has developed and is offering testing for people who aspire to Level 1(Initial) and Level 2 (Intermediate) certification. At this stage Level 3 (Advanced) and Level 4 (Master) are not available in Australia. 


Tests are held with authority of DSWA (GB) and conducted by Geoff Duggan who is Australia's only Master Waller. 

Practice walls will be available on request the week before the test weekend. 

Bookings close 6 weeks prior to the testing weekend commencing due to registration requirements from DSWA (GB). This means that all wallers wishing to be tested need to have all paperwork into Jim Kilsby for compiling and sending to the UK

If you are a professional who wants International Certification in Dry Stone Walling this is the course for you. Please connect with Jim if there are any enquiries but be quick  to book if you wish to be tested as this course is going to be very popular.  

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